If you haven’t read my books yet, you would not know that I incorporate travel writing into them. I love to travel, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity of traveling to many places, but I think one place stands out as being my favorite city to date. Prague in the Czech Republic.

Some of you are probably wondering how I landed up in Prague, well, I was busy fangirling, and following the band Depeche Mode around on their world tour. I shall have to post an entire blog on why it is that I LOVE Depeche Mode, but let’s focus on Prague for now.

It’s such an incredible place that it’s hard to describe in words. It seems frozen in time. Medieval and mysterious. There is something eerily beautiful about the place that never leaves you. And to top that all off, I’ve never met such friendly and helpful people in my life. I was only in Prague for 48 hours, but in that time the place got under my skin and I often find myself thinking about it and wondering when the hell I can go back.

I was there during winter and I FROZE. Despite the fact that the local’s assured me they were having a mild winter. I was eventually forced to buy a warm jacket to ward off the hypothermia and it’s possibly the most awesome jacket I own (and the warmest)

When I was picked up from the airport my taxi driver asked me if it was the first time I was visiting Prague. When I replied Yes, he told me that I’m going to fall in love with it and never want to leave. Well, it’s true. I didn’t want to leave.

(p.s Some of these pics are not mine and are curtesy of the internet)


Ignore messy room, and instead focus on the warm redness of the jacket and the cute bows! 



Medieval and mysterious looking in the old town square



Winter in Prague



Prague is dotted with bridges along the Vltava river


Prague castle. It is impossible to show how massive and imposing it is! 


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